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Book 36 Page 13


A house wife I am, / not


A house wife to a husband and eternal loving mum to the kids I am, not!

My official title is a; “stay at home mum,” that’s what they call me.

I love doing the ironing, not!

I love doing the dishes, not!

I love cleaning up after my four messy kids; it gives me pleasure and meaning, not!

I love cleaning up after my slobbery husband, it’s just so rewarding, not!


My life is full of meaning and purpose, O not so!

I am the rock upon which my entire family rest, O WO is me!

I am my husband’s lover, occasionally!

My husbands mother, often!

My husband’s servant, all the time!


My life consist of meeting someone else’s needs,

I have learnt not to have any.


My working day starts when my eyes open in the morning,

and closes when they shut as I lay my exhausted head upon the pillow at night.


I am contented, O not so!

I am loved, in theory only!

I am appreciated, when I am needed!


My day consist of pushing down me

and putting others as more important than ‘me.’


I am a house wife.

My house is my inner sanctuary and, my own jail.

I have been given a life sentence

and to god (in his glorious abode in heaven above,)

I hope he knows the sacrifices I make.


I am a house wife, my hours are long.

My duties are many.

My thanks are few.



Yet I know what I must do,

though I am often puzzled to know why.


I know what I am,

Yet I do not know ‘me.’


I am your loving mum,

a loving wife.




Arbitrator of all trivial disputes,

Sexual relief technician,

and generally a; do everything / fix everything woman.


I am;

your average house wife, a;

“stay at home mum.”


© Written by Dominic John Gill  04/07/2005