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Poems on specific subjects and themes

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Note: This page contains links to lists of poems and thoughts regarding the various themes below. For example; below is a hyperlink entitled, "War themes." In clicking this tag it will send you to a list of poems that all have within them the theme of "war" in this particular case.

Note: Poems on specific subjects and themes tend to be a little more serious than the poems in the general children's and adult section.


War themes Where are the voices against war? What philosophically things can we say that speak out against war?

Health A very important issue

Unemployment / employment It is so concerning to me in how the unemployed and the working poor are treated by governments

Rich and poor Dealing with all issues of rich and poor. At times similar to "unemployment" themes

Spirituality and religion Writings on spirituality and religion can be humorous at times

Death and dieing Poems about death and dieing need not be sombre or sad

Psychological understandings Thoughts about how we might view our own psychological makeup

Just for fun Zany thoughts

Culture We all live and exist upon this thing called "culture"

Politics You can't live without it and some wish they could live better with it

Philosophical Philosophy is one way of seeing things

The environment Anything to do with the natural environment of earth

On Science Thoughts about science, often critical in nature

Relationships and love Anything to do with that massive area of human living, 'relationship and love'

Literature and the arts Everything and anything to do with the arts

The law Anything about the law or rules within society

An observation Life is full of funny things and funny happenings, you just have to notice them

Poems and thoughts for Adults Thoughts that are adult only

Father O'Brien and Father O'Riely  These are skits about two fictional Irish Catholic priest