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Poems Just for fun

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The poor manís water filtration system The poor have to drink what is handed to them

This dame computer 'Computers,' there's always a bigger and better one

Youíre invited to tea I don't remember what made me think of this one!

Baby scientist There's a scientist in all of us

Donít be so square Nobody wants to be 'square,' 'square' is 'not cool'

Hail the nail It's interesting that if you take most things to extremes, you finish up with a crazy idea. This statement may seem to go nowhere, but think, " take most things to extremes you finish up with a crazy idea. And so this skit is a philosophical statement

Song writing rut Ever written a song, it's not easy? And maybe those simple songs that have no real meaning are the hardest to write. Otherwise if it was so easy, everyone would be making millions!

House removalist

The tree hugging people Those Hippy people!!!

Celestial dissatisfaction I hope you don't think this is true for yourself!!!

ĎItsí sheer poetry I hope I don't get sued for this one!

A serial mouse What is a 'serial mouse'?

Computers and children True or false

Pushing the envelope This is an American saying meaning, "to go to the limits and to extend previous limits" or something like that

The mechanical hand Ever wondered where the word, "digital" comes from?

Go by We all get around

GST  GST means; "the goods and services tax." Nero taxed Rome heavily and then he set about burning it. Those people who introduce 'more tax' are not always the good guys, at least from the point of view of the 'poor' in society. This is my only concern with the GST, how do the poor fair with it?

A bird of prey I did put this one in the, "poems just for fun" category

A light blob moment Oprah Winfrey - on the Oprah Winfrey show - is often talking about "light bulb moments." Is this what she means?

Iíve really got to clean up my place sometime Well go on then ... put down the mouse - stop writing this site and go and clean your room!