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Poems on the themes of the 'rich and poor'

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Poems on the themes of the poor in Australia This is not a poem but a hyperlink that leads to a list of poems, / skits / quotes etc, that are often about how the poor and the institutionalise, e.g.; pensioner, / the unemployed etc, are treated in Australia. It is not for children.



The poor are waiting I don't consider myself 'rich,' not at least from Australian standards.

The Salvation Army Perhaps this is a comment on the 'priority' of people's needs, or perhaps the simple straight forward practicalities of people's 'immediate' needs

The vision of poverty Thinking about the state of the 'heart'

An anti globalization thought

Baked bean poverty There's only two things worse than having to eat baked beans all the time because you can't afford anything else, and that's in having to eat dog food or not having to eat at all

Capitalism Just a small thought about capitalism. A definition of 'Capitalism' according to the "Wikipedia, free encyclopaedia."

Old Mother Hubbard A parody on the nursery rhyme, "Old mother Hubbard." I'm wanting to speak about poverty in the most intimate possible way, there is then mention of "a dog" in this one and the bone and an analogy. You decide what the dog and the bone means in this poem. Here's the site with the original words of this nursery rhyme. Here you will see that the "dog" and the "bone" are used as symbols as a part of the drama between king Henry the 8th and Queen Katherine of Aragon.  

A man falls to his death The fate of the poor and the dispossessed can be critical. A site dealing with the issues of the gap "between rich & poor." 

The un taxable I don't want you to become sad after reading this one!!!

Suppression and silence There are reasons to why society manages to maintain it's oppression and suppression of the people

Wheels turning Capitalism is like a friend and a foe all mixed into one Another page on 'capitalism' but dealing also dealing with the concept and issues of 'competition'


Rich in fact, poor in emotions It's not only the poor that feel poor. Have a look at the cartoon in the site to do with the poem "wheels turning" above.

Those capitalist pigs I remember when I was a child thinking this kind of thought, when I learnt that sometimes countries waste their resources in order to control or fix prices in the market place. Here's an article that is actually called in part, "capitalist pigs," but in it's case it is actually dealing with the sale of pigs.

The poor manís lot Read about poverty in Australia

If I was a bum

Born to be pushed around