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Poems and thoughts on 'philosophical' matters

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History What exactly is history?

I think This poem is one of many in a series related to the famous saying, "I think therefore I am"

Jester danger Again there are a series of poems or thoughts on the "jester and the king"

Nice synchronicity It's funny how the world seems to mimic what we feel like inside

No particular time A deep thought I think on the subject of 'time'

The wondering philosophers Once upon a time, all the sciences went under the general heading of "philosophy"

Therefore It's a very big word this word "therefore"

Thinking about the human race Thinking about the human race in a critical but perhaps 'realistic way,' you decide if it is realistic

Woops I made a mistake A thought about nuclear power and weapons

In the beginning Mixing up notions of 'god' with scientific understandings and 'time'

Nothing Speaking about "nothing" really in this one

The circle of knowing What is this thing called, "knowing?"

Think about it Have you ever thought this about people?

Fervent debate Have you ever been in an argument like this?

I am Another one of those, "I think therefore I am" reflections

I think therefore I am OK, if you didn't like the last one above, you probably will think that this one doesn't make sense!!!

In a perfect world To many philosophical arguments there is usually a discussion as to, what is real and what is theoretical, or what is possible and what is impossible

Every things going round The philosophy of all things being in a 'cycle'

The back yard shed philosophy No personal comment on the condition of my own shed, less I might incriminate myself. I plead the 5th amendment on this one!!!

The limitations of language Where philosophy engages itself in language, -and it must, - there are natural limitations regarding the very usage of 'words' to portray 'emotions' and 'abstractions'

What do you say What we say about things is a part of our philosophical makeup

Four and twenty "Four and twenty black birds baked in a pie." What could this mean!? Here's the site regarding the "Davinci code." If you read the poem you will know why this is added here. 

I labeled it first A 600 word piece dealing with the philosophy of 'naming things' Here's an article dealing with the subject of "defining philosophy" itself

Iím a skepticís skeptic If you can have a skeptic's skeptic, can you have a 'skeptic's skeptic skeptic'? What's more, can you have a, 'skeptic's skeptic, skeptic skeptic's skeptic.' O shut up!!!

My philosophical bent Philosophy has it's limits