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List of poems and thoughts on 'Spirituality and religion'

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How big is the soul Well, do you actually know!? Perhaps if we knew how big it was we would also know, what it is

A devil of a perspective Perspectives create

Mirror mirror on the wall Talking about the body, / the mind, / the soul

Karma Karma Lots of people talk about "Karma," but really what is it!?

All in a meditative haze Man does 'wonder' about many things, perhaps this is our best attribute

Forgotten Gods Have we really progressed in our understanding of reality through science and religions?

In the eyes of an ant There are many kinds of realities

Inventions of the soul Thinking about 'time'

Lacking in love Thinking about 'wisdom'

More to come We all love life

Shadows every where What is this thing referred to as, "our shadow"
Spiritual path Is there such a thing?

Spiritual perfection Is there such a thing?

The golden path A thought about the journey of life

The many paths to heaven O yes there are many paths to heaven

The slightest movement The ramifications of things

The soul and the ocean The soul described in metaphor

I thought I saw my soul Our neighbours remind us of ourselves

Too Grand a message You make up your mind who I'm talking about here

Transcending 'Transcending' is a matter of 'being who you are'

Walking the path The trials in life

Ego "Ego" might not be a dirty word, but it can sure cause us difficulty at times

A reincarnation love poem For those who have lost a love one and also believe in reincarnation

Abilities of soul Some thoughts to mull over

And the ego said The ego holds centre stage in the field of psychology

Astral partnerís  The universe we live in, it may have feelings too

Buried intuition When you state the obvious, sometimes you have to wonder why

Celestial visitation A thought about angles

Changing your mind A thought about reincarnation

Demonic Possession When people believe that they have no power, then they give it to something else they believe in

Doing Time Is this what we are all doing?

Faith and effort A thought about faith

Grant me myself What greater gift is there than to grant yourself permission?

Here to learn Many say that we're "here to learn"

Hold on, let go Where all searching in various ways

In Godís own image Some thoughts on god and man

Karma is stored memory Some views on the concept of "Karma"

Keep God out State and religion, it seems they have always been fighting

Life like a dream There are dreams outside of sleep that are constantly expressing themselves

Love another as oneself Looking at duality here, or at least how to transcend it

Love is infinite O is it really!!!

Mathematical, but not without soul Mathematics in the end analysis is a concept of reality

Move Mountains What exactly are humans capable of?

Not if you have Jesus A critical look at how some Christians present themselves

O where O where is God An analogy speaking to the subject of "where to find god"

Send us a sign A dig at those who always want miracles for prove of god, isn't this life enough proof!?

Something which is everything What could this be!!!?

Tears that fall Thoughts about healing

The great search of life All life is a search is it not?

The soulís life story According to different sorts

Time is of the essence And what is "the essence"?

To every thing A thought about the 'soul'

Truth and spirit If you don't believe in 'truth' then perhaps your parameters of what constitute it are too narrow

Where we come from So, ....  where do we come from!?

Why "Why is it so" says the scientist?

Christian words to the dead Just observing how different religions view communications with the dead

Godís sexuality God has a sex!!!

Happiness for Always 'Well wishes'

Houses in the sky A reasonably long poems, quite abstract, you decide what it's about

O Sayer, O Sayer, tell me my future Another long one. I am trying to speak about the concept of 'time' and living within it in the wisest way

Snake Woman Thinking about qualities that some people seem to possess

The living word This poem I hope is more about making a comment on the religious term, "the living word," than in making a comment on "Christianity." Christianity is not the only religion to centre in on the concept of the "word" and suggest it to being at the heart of 'creation itself'

The natural god If you think this is true, then it might help you understand what you think of god

The pray circle Many people don't pray because they think they are talking to themselves. Well what's wrong with that this poem suggest!!!?

Transcendent observation What is this thing called the "transcendent" that religions so often talk about?

Whoís joining the parts Another thought on the "transcendent" aspect of reality

Your gonna die Death seems to be a universal driving force for man to seeks out spiritual truth

Your not my brother or sister "Thoughts about "giving" and "taking" and our place in "humanity"

Confidence 'Faith' is an essential part of many religions, especially 'Christianity,' but what is it?

Smiles everywhere A thought on what it might be like to be an; "enlightened person"

I called out to my soul Here's one for all the good atheist out there

Seek and you shall find Is this a proper understanding of the words, "Seek and you shall find?"

Soul space Talking about deep spiritual wisdom

The objects of manís desire Knowing the secrets of a person, knowing their inner desires

Go ahead, disagree The good spiritual teacher must acknowledge the absolute autonomy of the 'student'

Hell could be Being 'confronting' in this one which deals with various understandings of 'hell'

I can dream What are the possibilities of the human race?

Love and wisdom Does this make sense to you?

The copy cat guru Symbolically talking about the "soul" or "spirit"

Unfinished and majestic A little thought about the nature of 'creation'

When Jesus comes again I feel that I'm gonna have to say something about this one. I was a bit shocked when I reread this one years latter. I have to admit it's got a bit of sarcasm in it. I think I would have been reacting to what I see as the overly confident and blustering views of some religious people. You will see what I mean when you read the poem. Please forgive the sarcasm

A god dame mix up A play on words to express an image

A prey for the misguided No doubt this is a controversial thought to some

Iíve got a new picture Seeing a new perspective

The ever changing face of god 'God,' what is it? Perhaps to answer this question we should first look at what 'images' we have made of it

Shakespeare and god Did they know each other!!!?

An almighty cry for help Some humorous imagery

Enough God to go round A thought about how we think of 'god'

Reincarnation poem of conviction Most people consider "reincarnation" as simply a 'mental concept' and not real. Whilst others consider the validity of Christ being the savior as not real. It is really all a matter of choice, and it is a free choice. Here in this poem however, we look at some of the concepts within reincarnation

Spirit faded I think we all have to 'act' on our dreams

The lords true house What do you make of this one?

Master creations  This poems questions, what is a person?

He who laughs This one examines the question of why we laugh

King for a cosmic day No one can be 'this or that way' forever, but we can have a sense of humor about 'change'

The wise Jester We all wear different hats from time to time

Man as god This is a long poem, it deals with the largest issue possible in the study of spirituality, which is 'man's relationship with god' or how man "sees and understands' his relationship with god. This one has a strong view in it and a view that is not often warmed to.

Who couldnít be inspired "Heaven on earth" Jesus said. This poem seems to be saying the same thing

For fulfillment A small thought on the universe / everything and you and why it exist!!!

Real presence You decide whether this is true or false, is there such a person or persons?

The psychic ability This one's about the 'psychic ability.' The psychic ability does I think relate to the spiritual journey, for 'perceptions of life,' - and how it works etc - are an integral part of spiritual life

Subject to love A little thought about 'god' and what 'god' might be

God is Well you'd have to read this to find out what god might be, according to this author

God is an idea Some thoughts on how we go about trying to understand this things called "god"

Karma Psychology Generally speaking, I have tried to avoid installing poems on this site that have direct and specifics beliefs, as if to state 'overt opinions.' This one is an accept ion. In this poem I state many views on what I think Karma is. As I see it, many people take on board what they understand Karma to be in a religions or philosophical setting. In this poem I examine the very psychology of how we reason with "Karma"

Learn to manipulate your dreams I do believe there are some powerful thoughts in this one

Om Many religions have - central in their doctrines - the idea that the 'word' is important and powerful. In the Christian religion 'the word of god' is held in high esteem. So too in the religion of Buddhism is the idea of the power of the "word." This poem examine this kind of belief

Sacrilege you might say A person called "Jesus" spoke of himself in godly terms and it seems, paid the price for it. Indeed anyone suggesting 'godly status' will often be treated with contempt by society

The un fact of god I think to find god you not only need to know where to look but also, where not to look

A quote of pure wisdom Is it possible to represent "pure wisdom" with words? The following quote is I think about as close as anyone can get

The Joker The joker, / the jester, / the clown, / these funny guys all have a very special place in human mythology

The Zen mind The Zen Buddhists teachers are complex and mysterious. Since Zen Buddhism is such a complex and mysterious thing, here's a simplistic view on what Zen Buddhism might be all bout

Attitudes towards thoughts A little thought about 'thought'

Bugs and Buddhist Have you ever told someone that you are 'vegetarian' only to be served up a nice juicy stake?

What happens if you tell someone that your Buddhist!?

From one truth to many truths It's always very hard to talk about 'truth,' I hope I do the word justice in this one

God is every where A little religious ditty

A vision I believe that there are specific attributes to all 'visions'

Bugging the mind Here's a classic kind of Buddhist thought about life

A dog gone, Ďheavení A little thought about the soul, / god, / and the spiritual journey. I question, where will you be when you die? This poem is quite simple but perhaps also, very provocative

A prey at supper time On a literary level, I don't think this poem is outstanding. Yet it seems to have sentiments that are - although unusual - quite important in terms of; 'spiritually values' 

A violent enlightenment A thought about what is needed to obtain the so called state of mind called; "enlightenment"

Change 'Change,' quite possible one of the largest concepts in the universe!

Come together, right now People 'coming together' to have fun and happiness is got to be also a, good and spiritual thing!

The parable of the three Jesusí O.K. you might think, I'm getting a bit wacky in this one. But it's true, there was once a mental institution that had three people who all thought of themselves as Jesus. So they locked them all up in the same room. Hm ... was that a good thing to do? 

A belief in A small belief on 'beliefs'

A natural meditation A small thought about the nature of meditation

Christian theology scrutinized in satiric verse All religions have idea's about where we go when we die and what is 'god.' Are they right? Can they all be right? Is the Christian tradition right?

Hey Buddha A few, - apparently - disrespectful words about the Buddha this time!!!

Hey father Christmas O.K. we'll make this one the last of the 'knock the religions' kind for a time. Be aware that I didn't write them all together, but somehow they have ended up together

I stand before Jesus Some say, - many Christians say "that we will all stand before Jesus one day." This one is being critical of some conventional Christian idea's about "what happens to us when we die"

Get up, you are healed A different take or view on the healings powers of Jesus, or 'spiritual healing' in general

Going Jihad It seems that with the advent of terrorism in the twenty first century, the concept of "Jihad" which is "dieing for a religious cause" is becoming an important part of the worlds problems. Some critical thoughts on the subject of "Jihad" as it is expressed through radical teachings

Lord, save us from the ignorant A satirical prey. Have you ever felt that you need a little protecting from what you see as; the ignorant of the world!?

The adaptive prophet All teachers have to adapt what they have to say to their audience type. The spiritual teacher is no different

Jesus the carpenter A thought about "Jesus," - or more particularly, - what you may think of Jesus

Vision described It's quite a task -of course - to attempt to describe "what a vision is." Is it necessarily necessary to have a vision in order to describe it? In this works I do my best to describe what a vision actually is as I see it as I sense it

Life is a thing you do

Respect for all life

More than the sum

O Christ come back again This is I think a very complex poem and a therefore a difficult one to write. On the one hand I didn't want to come across as criticizing the Christian religions. Yet on the other hand, I did want to investigate many people's views on the "return of Christ," and to simply express it. And so although there may seem to be in this poem a sarcastic tone, I feel what I really wanted to do was simply to express the views of some people in regards to the return of Christ, and to put this in a way that expressed a certain justification of this view.

What we wish for

When the house burned down

The whole worldís a stage Reflecting on Shakespeare's famous quote "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely Players; They have their Exits and their Entrances, And one man in his time players many parts" Shakespeare, As You Like It. See this work at;