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Note: I hope that these poems are not morbid or sad; "death" need not be spoken about like this. So I hope these poems are the kind of poems that entertain as well as say something worth while.


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Death and dieing list


Please donít kill me Talking about the possibilities after death There's a few nice thoughts in this site about death.

At the funeral Again talking about what may be possible

Where to find the beloved Many people miss those who have died, indeed we all have to find them again somehow and in some way

Can die but once Death is thought of in so many different ways. In this poem which way do you more identify with!?

Where to find the beloved

My departed friend A personal tribute to someone dear to me

Suicide I hope an honest portrayal of what people feel like when contemplating suicide. Suicide is not of course the answer

Famous last words I've taken this saying quite literally

The world needs each of us We all seem to dispute this fact occasionally 

Woe is me We all seem to think this way occasionally, or perhaps, not so occasionally

To be or not to be How we think about this quote is important in how we also think about life, Here's the original question posed by William Shakespeare in his play "Hamlet 3/1"

To die I remember writing this one after a funeral and out of respect for the person who had died

Words of the death reaper A hard hitting poem I think

Forever changing world Is this about reincarnation? It all depends on how you reason with this concept

Celebrate Understanding life is also a matter of understanding death

When did the universe begin Usually the answer to this depends on who you ask

The rituals of capital punishment No trophy for guessing which side of the argument I'm personally on in regards to 'capital punishment'

The last thought What might be people's most common thought upon death?

The bed where she lay A sad and small poem about 'dieing'

The loss of a loved one A thought about dealing with death

How come Iím still here Speaking about a possibility 'after death'

Go naked in death