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List of poems and thoughts on 'the environment'

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Dirty! dirty! human I'm deliberately taking on a condescending tone, - even a paternal tone - on the poor way we humans look after the environment. Greenpeace have something to say about Australia's environment. http://www.greenpeace.org.au/

Wind power The world has to find an energy source that actually benefits the ecology

The forgotten sheep A thought on genetic cloning. I'm kidding around a bit in this one. A facts sheet on cloning. It's also got information about "Dolly" the first cloned http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/elsi/cloning.shtml

Earthy talk Human being don't seem to know the language of 'the earth,' for surely if we did, we wouldn't be so abusive to its needs

Tackling the elements Politics has a big part to play in the welfare of the environment

Wind energy Is wind energy a valid form of energy or is it a load of hot air!!!?

Wind powers real groovy Before things usually catch on, people have to think that it is 'cool'

Something’s in the air Breathing can be dangerous for you!!!

Talk to your plants Hugging trees and talking to plants is considered a hippy thing to do. "Well that's cool... far out man ... I'm hip with that!!!

Nature and man I think perhaps that the entire experience of life is one of 'nature and man'

Care for the environment Some may think this one is pessimistic

Twenty things to do with nuclear waste I must have got carried away when writing this one. This one's not a poem but a list of inventive things we can do with 'nuclear waste.' It lovely stuff this nuclear waste, what we make now will still be hanging around poisoning people / animals / the environment for thousands of years. Almost the entire field of the chemistry of man is involved in making matter that is not natural - or is alien - to earth. No greater can this be true than in the making of nuclear waste. Here's an anti nuclear energy site http://www-formal.stanford.edu/jmc/progress/anti-nuke.html

The bigger monkey Oft times we refer to the bad things that man does as if we are, "acting like animal." Well it seems that if only we would sometimes "act like the animals," things might be much better. A site to do with the destruction of trees. http://www.savetherainforest.org/savetherainforest_006.htm

What do you get Cloning seems to be a very big 'environmental issue' these days, and it is likely to become an even bigger issue in the future

Disposable nappies Back when disposable nappies were first invented, people took issue with the use of disposable products. This site tells you about how disposable nappies are made. Compares them to cloth nappies. Perhaps we can call this the, "anti disposable nappy argument." http://www.zerowaste.co.nz/default,507.sm

Man the gardener We in the 21 century tend to pride ourselves on our technology, but perhaps we are, -when all is said and done, - just gardeners. Perhaps our original nature is in being good and simple hobbits

Saving the world Things must be getting pretty desperate when mankind actually speaks about, "saving the world!!!"