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List of psychological understandings

Symbolic Box I think the whole world / universe is a 'symbol' of a kind

Within seconds It's funny how we always seems to be deeply involved in something

Relationship progression What is a good relationship?

Marriage What is a good marriage?

Run away day dream train Thoughts seems to carry us off

Do you know why you sleep Well do you!?

From thought to thought A few thoughts about thoughts

Creation is a perfect art form The artist is in admiration of creation

If the word "if" is nearly the smallest word in the dictionary but it has the largest of meanings

Naming disorder A critical look at psychiatry and psychology

Nothing to laugh about The poems about the 'Jester and the king' are a part of a series on going poems

Resisting change Well ... we all try and resist change, but it's best that we don't get too good at it

Stupid What or who is stupid!?

The power of predictions 'Predicting' perhaps is a form of creating

The senses combine A complex view on the nature of the senses

The time model A critical view on how science operates

Who am I Do you know the game "charades" where you have to guess who the person is. Who do you say I am talking about in this one? You interpret as you will

A child’s bad behavior

Giving up power every once in a while I think I am trying to speak about the need to control here, and of letting go.

Jung To find out about Carl Jung the psychologist, visit this site.

More than the sum total This one could have gone in the spiritual section, but considering that "the psychological" is also the spiritual, - and in consideration of the theory of "Gestalt," - I put it here. To read about the Gestalt theory, see this site for a definition.  For advanced thinking of 'Gestalt' see,

Power of thought Many people speak of the "power of thought" these days. Here's just another idea to add to this body of work

Suffer fools Why do fools come into your life? This is a 64 thousand dollar question

Symbols If you stop and think about it, much of psychology is dedicated to understanding symbols and the way they operate

Halt who goes there Discussing the role of the 'ego' as it relates to a spiritual context

I just am Another thought in the series, "I think therefore I am.' A site that relates to this most famous saying, "I think therefore I am."

Problems 'Me' ... !!! got problems!!!

The 'name struck' psychologist A critical look at the psychologist and psychiatrist

Persona For a small definition of what is the "persona" see,

The seat of consciousness So many psychologists and religious people are looking for the so called, "seat of consciousness"

Flashing love Talking about the great modern child minder, 'the television'

Neurosis I'm trying to say something about the origins of mental illness

Depression and will power

Attitude A thought about one of the worlds most common mental ailments, "a bad attitude"

Who trust psychiatrist OK I admit ... I'm being very very critical here of the psychological community

My philosophical mind Speaking about that side of a human being that we call "philosophical"


Failed experiment A thought about understanding a failed romance

These are the days of our lives I can't claim to have made up this particular saying

Arrogance I'm not talking about myself here of course!!!

When I am happy Perhaps part of what happiness's and sadness is, is in understanding both these states of mind

The murderous act How difficult it is for those who must experience the effects of a crime against them or their kin in their lives

The process of knowledge Speaking perhaps not only about the concept of "knowledge" but also about "life" itself

I am the greatest The statement, "I am the greatest" sound like something that comes straight from the 'ego.' Here's a site about Mohammed Ali saying, "I am the greatest"

I can’t wait for my birthday Some thoughts about the qualities often gained in getting old

Work at what you love A psychological understanding of 'yourself' is perhaps all that you really need in life!

A true pessimist What is a true pessimist?

Birth to a thought A little thought about thought

Meditation is  A small thought on what 'meditation' is

Psyche fire raging This one uses the words or terms; "anima" and "animus." These are psychological terms used to describe our inner sense of male and female. To learn more about these terms go to

The gap between awake and asleep A profound message I think in this one about our basic psychological makeup regarding being asleep and being awake

The genius and the wise We tend to naturally honor 'the genius,' but not so naturally honor those who are wise

The trouble with man A description of 'the misogynist.' Definition of misogynist; noun: a misanthrope who dislikes women in particular

I see my therapist Sometimes we avoid doing things, when really we should do it. Like for example saying hello to an x lover

A psychiatrist greeting A small thought - and a critical thought - to how psychiatrist may reason

Personality What is personality?

Violence is This verse questions what violence is on a very deep level This site deals with those factors and issues that are related to the eruption of violence in people

A depressive environment I'm just trying to speak about depression as the facts present themselves The general population is getting to know that depression is not just normal human 'sadness'

The ‘hero archetype’ survives another generation A 850 word mock letter expounding the concepts of the 'hero Archetype.' For those new to this concept of "archetypes," here's a site with a wealth of information. If this is the first time that you have heard of the concept of "the archetype" you may need to concentrate on the idea's for they are not easy at first to understand. See this site for information about what is deemed to be the archetype and the hero archetype. and

A shaggy depressed story Depression's got a way of making more depression happen

A suicide note with a difference Is this one humorous, perhaps? And yet is does show a side to how people can think

An over night hero What would it be like 'being famous.' Some comment about 'the media'

I saw these things