Book 40

Page 5

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An over night hero


They all wanted to shake my hand,

little old ‘me,’ just a common man.

For I had made myself a hero by default

and now I was worth my weight in gold and salt.


The prime mister came,

shaking my hand with his cheesy politician grin.

It seems; one day I was nothing

and the next I was ‘definitely in.’


For everybody wanted to be seen with me.

And the all seemed to be my closest and long lost friend.

But they just wanted to milk me for all I was worth I discovered,

in the end.




for a while they were treating me like a heroic freak,

giving me constant pats on the back and accolades’ for weeks.


But now;


alas now I’ve gone back into the realms obscurity.

I’ve lost all my ‘hero notoriety.’

And I’m no longer a prized after TV. celebrity.


“O Well” I say, I don’t mind, at least now I can go back to being just

‘little old me.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill 6/8/2001