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Book 27 Page 12


My philosophical mind


I was born with a philosophical mind.

A mind that ‘ponders, /

that wonders that; /

constantly ask;





For as I look to the low and the high, /

to the earth and to the sky,

I ask;

What do these things really imply?


Yes in my philosophical mind I constantly ask,’


O why?!

O why?!’


Why is it usually the color of ‘blue’ for the sky?

What makes me happy and what make me cry.

I even ask at times;


O why! do I want to know 'why?'


But of all my prying

of all my crying.

of all my sighing,

what I really want to know, /

what really keeps me most enthralled

is the question of;

who and what is this thing called ‘I’?


And so with this philosophical mind, /

with this inquisitive eye,

I will go on endlessly asking ‘why’

until! there comes that day,

(that fateful day when;)

I should die.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 9/24/00