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List of politics

List of politics today This is a subgroup listing of poems /skits / quotes etc, that deal with 'present day' or 'current affair' issues in politics.

‘Politics,’ it’s about holding in pressure This is what my minds eye often sees regarding politics. How about you?

A mote, not a quote Thinking about the relationship of two types of people

Capitalism Is this how capitalism works!? What do the statistics within this site tell you about the equality of wealth within Australia?

Democratic process gone wrong 'Democracy,' is it all it is cracked up to be!?

Feminist logic I must confess, I agree with this one personally

From a distance I'm trying to understand the 'psychology' of war

God lets not save the queen A critical look at how some people see the 'monarchy'

Humpy’s legacy A view of politics and it's harshness

Hypothetical question Never ask a politician a hypothetical question, they have trouble answering ordinary questions!

I got no time A critical view on 'bureaucracy'

Out of contact Is this how you see some politicians?

Painted face Again I ask, is this how you see some politicians?

The crook politician

The law is just a game A view of the 'law' as sometimes seen from the eyes of the poor

The president and I What I really would want to say if I met the president!!!

The prostitutes tax 'Taxation,' is this overly behind the making of our laws?

The United States of America A critical view of America, but more importantly, is this true?

Vote for me Politics, you can't live without it

Welfare reform They say that when dealing with issues of 'morality,' usually someone looses in order for someone to win

Economic rationalism It's become a catch phase these days Some definitions and thoughts on economic rationalism.

Politicians lisp Politician's are so careful about what they say, why can't they just be natural!?

Sorry Have you ever heard a politician say, "sorry." Prime Minister John Howard has become famous for many things. Acording to some it is in his inability to say "sorry." Here's some thoughts about this. 

Vote Green Well ...  only vote green if you want to! A comment about 'politics' and the 'environment.' But if you really do want to vote green in Australia, here's their site;

Behind the words Speaking about the cunning of corrupt politicians. Here's a site dealing with one of the worlds prolific liars, Adolf Hitler.

The process of capitalism Some poor grammar in this one, but I think it serves a purpose

GST compliance Before the introduction of the GST. I wasn't happy with it, so I wrote this. Is this still true today?

Refugee When we deal with refugees in a harsh manner, have we forgotten what this poem has to say? Here's a very comprehensive site on the Australian refugee situation.

The cycle of oppression I think this is the reason why oppression take such a hold on countries

President of a day Who would really want the kind of responsibility a president has?

Your time has elapsed minister Is this what 'parliament question time' looks like to you!?

I smell a rat If you think of politics as a 'lowly' sort of game, then perhaps you will like this one

Parliament question time I wasn't sure whether to put this one in the 'politics' section or the 'rich and poor' category

The politician’s life Now here's a very, very critical look at the politician. Ah my!!! this one's all, negative / negative / negative!!!

GST proper gander A thought on Australia's GST taxes. At the time of writing this it was relevant, now of course we have all come to love and be happy with the GST

God bless America What does it take to be a leader in America?

Independent enquiry 'Independent enquiries,' it's almost a catch cry in politics these days

Proper gander 'Proper gander' is often only associated with communist countries, is this in itself evidence of the effectiveness of proper gander in the so called democratic countries?

A politicians career O no ...! I'm being critical on the politician again. You know ... it's was only until my works were collected together into the theme of "political" that I realized how many critical remarks I have made about politics. Gees ... I don't mean to be critical, but there is something to be said about politics when it seems to get in the way of people getting on with their lives in a productive and happy way

The first rule in politics Things are always changing in politics, my observation is that it is become far more adversary

The GST affects everyone Hands up those who want to be taxed more? Hm--- apparently there's quite a few of you!!!

Institutionalized If you can identify with this one, well maybe you need to work on not being institutionalized. If you don't understand what it is like to be institutionalized then maybe you don't know anyone who's poor


Surviving in politics What does it take to be a politician there's days?

The politicians smile It always amazes me when you see a politician - or one of those evangelist preaches - smile, at the very moment in which they have just actually said something quite provocative and perhaps even insidiously negative and potentially destructive. I say; "who do they think their fooling!?" At least we didn't get this with Hitler, he just tended to rant and rave as if in an ecstatic state of 'love' for his country. Perhaps the smile originated with our forbearer, ape like people, who showed their teeth as a sign to back off. Perhaps at times it still has the same meaning!!!

Get what you voted for People often say in a political argument, "well you only get what you voted for." At least this is the theory in a democratic government!!!

The budget’s come down Budget night, it's always exciting in a funny kind of way!!!

A political interviewer A small thought about 'politics' and the art of 'interviewing.' Sometimes I thing that the interviewer's diplomacy is just a way of not being natural?

The Mongrel political system 'Democracy,' can anyone point to the globe and say, "this country is a true democracy!?"

Unpolished politicians In the main it looks like we have a 'dry lot' in our politicians. I'm always amazed just how clumsy they sound when they make poetic analogies

That politician A few thought, even simple observations about 'the politician'

Spot that wrong doer For a world that seems to be so fixated on the concept of "good and bad," we sure seem to be ignorant when it comes to 'spotting the wrong doer' sometimes

A break down in negotiations Do they teach negotiations skills in school? Or is this what you learn in 'on the job training of life.' Negotiate this site for some very good ideas on negotiations.

Get along We really all got to get along in this world, come what may

John Howard will stay on for yet another term Whether you like John Howard or not, here is a statement about John Howard's stance on keeping us all in the dark as to when he would retire

Links to terrorism It seems these days that the government with the best perceived angle on 'how to stop terrorism,' is the government that will rule. Once upon a time - not too long ago - this concept barely existed

The growth of terrorism In this one please note that I use the term, "Moslem extremist" or "terrorist" in this poem. A Moslem is someone who loves people and respects life in accordance with a spiritual idea. A Moslem extremist, or terrorist however is quite the opposite. In this short poem I try to address the issue to how I think terrorism is growing. This poem is a parody on the song "Ten green bottles." See a site that has the original words to the song, "ten green bottles."

Aussie values What are Australian values?

Loud political voices Speaking critically about leaders and politicians and in this being suggestive that they can sometimes be aggressive in their language

John Howard doll To the John Howard prime minister of Australia, 2007 supporters, Hm ... maybe you better not read this one!!!

The political spin on ‘terrorism’ It might be perfectly true that we live in an era of terrorism, but it might also be equally true that we are living with politicians who want to selfishly exploit this

Rebel without a pause Isn't this suppose to be, "A rebel without a cause"!

I thank the minister People shouldn't thank people when they don't really mean it!!!

The anarchist creed