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Poems and thoughts for Adults

Note: These poems definitely have adult themes

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Note: "Poems and thoughts for Adults" has material that tend to deal with adult like themes, covering issues of sexuality, or complex adult like issues.    



Testing Motherís advice "Mother knows best" they say

Cupidís arrows A thought about how we sometimes understand 'sex and love'

Itís time for love Therapy and relationships

Dear liar Here is a love letter with a bitter twist. I hope you don't identify with this one too much, but if you do, I hope your getting over it

Swearing This one may seem like I'm encouraging people to swear, well yes and no! What I really perhaps am saying is that 'restrain' is not always the best way

Which way to go A little, 'necessary swearing' in this one. I'm trying to put across the idea that, the way we act also determines what experiences come to us

Good in bed Here's a provocative poem heading

Prostitution If you think prostitution is only about sex, read this one. Could it also be about 'money,' and 'power' and 'survival'?

She wants a baby There's probably two things that can break up a relationship, money and disagreement of children

The sheets on my bed Have you ever felt the kind of emotion expressed in this poem?

Stereo type girl According to stereotypical ideas, what is the perfect woman? It's not that hard to describe her

A bundle of joy A thought to how new couples might feel before they start a family

All over me A related web site dealing with the phase, "over paid, over sexed and over here."

My computers all dried up 'Love problems' express in the twenty first century

The many possible reasons for pornography In this piece I simply try and cover the many reason to why people think pornography exist and purpose it might serve