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War themes list

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A note: Many people do not believe the prophetic words, "there is another way" when dealing with the issue and issues of "war." Many people have strong views on why war must occur. Whilst I personally cannot dismiss such views as 'out of hand' and whilst I must respect those who have actually been to war, I must none the less speak out equally strong against war and those who speak for war and it's negative affect upon humanity and in this process simply say;

"there must be a better way."

War themes list

Most countries Is this a correct analysis? In this site there is some information about nuclear weapon.

Gorilla war fair A picture of war

The point of war Is there one, some say "yes"

Country paranoia Is this how it is with countries?

The soldiers plight Apparently being very judgmental on the soldier. I hope I make a statement about war itself

The young to war The young will always follow their elders

Twitching fingers O poor humanity

Guns They have changed the face of war

The solution to war Is there a solution for war, I think there is? Here is a site that is called, ""

Monkey does Presenting an extreme view, but I ask, isn't war an extreme view point?

The sounds of war Just trying to create an image of 'war,' for at times it seems as though we have forgotten, war is logical. Indeed all things - even war - makes sense in a context

War kills in many ways They say that more soldiers have died as a result of suicide outside of the Vietnam war than in it

War rhetoric I think the world has had it's fair share of war rhetoric in recent years This site might interest you.

I am a Nation This one is also a song. When thinking of war it is also dependent upon the 'notion of nation' that wars are carried out. So I ask; "what is a nation, what is it's fundamental personality?"

The earth from afar Peaceful is mother earth

Unity I put this one in the "war" category for it is "unity" - and the search for it that - creates wars and stops wars

War and want When could a person 'want more' than in wanting "war"?

One persons paranoia I ask, is this how wars are started? This site seems to speaks to the meaning of this poem.  

Weapon mania See sites, and within the first site

Before the war broke out Are these the kind of images we associate with a war that is about to break?

Give me that, itís mine Who would you say fits this description?

God's Wars How many wars has god been involved in!?

The fight over land A twist on the theme of "fighting for land"

The lesson of war Many people speculate about the so called "lessons of war," but what is it really!?

They fight for a dream Wars are often ideologically based

Forms of expression Have you ever thought that those who want war, want war in response to their own personal issues. Leader's can have personal problems too, the question is, do we have to always make their problems ours?

War of words In order for there to be peace, man must be in constant argument about 'rights and opposing wishes'

A death in war Death may be inevitable, death in war should not be

Automatic weapons A thought on nuclear weapons stockpile

O to the heightís of killing It is ironic to me that such a clever machine as a 'flying machine' should be used against humanity. But then again, this is the nature of war to take advantage wherever possible

The old manís war story  Here is the kind of story that might be told by a war veterans

Another step closer to war There are usually many signs to say that "war is imminent"

Space wars "Space wars," they make for great movies, the trouble is, is that they have a air of realism about them

Suicide attack This one could have equally had gone in the "Religious and Spiritual" category

The politics of peace The politics of peace is quite simple I believe

Blinded by nationalism Can this happen?

Peace agreement Unfortunately, peace agreements usually come at a price

Please donít blow up the world How do you convince someone - or the world that, - stockpiling nuclear weapons is not a means to peace? Perhaps you raise some of the ridiculous imageries in this poem to suggest the absurdity of 'nuclear weapon stockpiling.' Ridiculous imageries are perhaps perfectly in order for ridiculous situations

The fires of nationalism I am speaking about the emotion of 'nationalism' as it refers to the phenomenon of war

In the still of the night Moved by hearing stories about how innocent villages were murders in Africa by rebel soldiers, I wrote this poem. However such a description could apply to all sorts of people and situations around the world

The shaky peace One has to take your hat of to those who were warring but then make the concerted effort to stop

The either orís of war Many people are absolutely convinced that war is inevitable. I believe that such a 'mind set' only adds to the inevitability of war. In this poem I simply speak to the position that 'we civilians' place soldiers in. War is really a no win situation. I think war can be defeated with intelligent actions before it actually breaks out. This involves for one; the elimination of poverty

A picture of the war This poem is gruesome in imagery, I meant it this way. It sometimes amazes me how some people say "yes" to war without a clear understanding of what they are actually saying 'yes' too. This poem describes an actually picture of war I saw in a book. I felt the way described in this poem

Easy targets War is truly an amazing thing and within the theatre of war it is also amazing in how people can fire at each other. In trying to understand war we seem to become split personalities with, one part of our nature seemingly understanding it, and that other not

Ingenious ways to kill War is an industry like any other industry. It requires money to operate. The question I raise in this one is, where does this money come from?

The latest way to kill A similar thought to the poem above. A thought about weapons research

Against everything and everyone This poem looks at the psychology of 'evil people.' I put a picture of "Adolf Hitler" in my sites page, but you can mentally put a picture of who ever you want. Unfortunately there is a lot of people to choose from. Here's a site from a great psychologist by the name of "Eric Fromm." He was very interested in the subject of the 'psychology of evil people, or the psychology of aggression.' If you are interested in this subject, I highly recommend reading Fromm, he seems to be very wise. 

All in a days work You only have to look at the kinds of things that happened at the beginning of the development of the atom bomb to try and understand why the world should disarm itself totally of nuclear weapons. Here's some of Australia's history to do with war and aggression.

American imperialism A small cartoon. No letters of disagreement from the white house please!!!

Every war Well what can we say about "war" that applies to them all!? This at least is what I have to say that applies to every war

Blood for oil Some people seriously think that the Iraq war is really all about oil. They speak of "blood for oil" Read about some people's views on this theme of "blood for oil"

Connectivity Seemingly saying something 'positive' about war

Gentle in looks, harsh in reality Speaking about those people, - mostly men, - who take us to war

Those bastards of war This poem doesn't hold back on 'damming emotions' about those who wage war. Who might you personally think I am talking about here, if anyone?

The war we had to have World war one was known as the "war to end all wars." Perhaps that phase, "the war we had to have" is also a similar statement. Ironically the first world war is also quoted by historians as the war that actually preludes the second world war. Now try to rap your head around these contradictory messages. Read about World war 1 and the phase the "war to end all wars"

I hear the soldiers training

Speak softly and carry a big stick

The violent mind set

Space wars

War is logical

What can men do against such recklessness? The character; "Theoden" in the film "The Lord of the rings" said, when faced with the idea of going to war, "what can men do against such recklessness." I take this line on passionately to also speak about war / and the dilemma of war. Clearly the writer of "the Lord of the rings," "Tolkien" was very passionate about war and the complex 'play of emotions' it has on 'man.' Here's the site on Theoden