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List of poems on health

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The drug age When your young, life can be one big party

Control over sickness Control over sickness, what is this?

Un likely teachers What is the use in complaining?

Happy birthday O why not put this one in the 'health department.' There's a little room for you to put your age in this one

The world on my shoulders Perhaps it is appropriate that this one goes in the health category

When you are old and gray Being old and gray may be the time when you are at your very best!

Reflecting our notion of body From a psychological point of view, ask your self the question, what is the body?

The drug addicts subconscious A small and critical thought on what drug addicts might be doing on the psychological level

Smoking A short and sharp statement about the phenomenon of smoking

Clinical studies prove Another thought on smoking

Chiropractors This one's more like an advertising slogan for chiropractors

If medicine In our court system we have the "presumption of innocent until proven guilty," and not the other way around. I suggest a similar subtle different in the way we go about treating the sick

Doctor Death A complex theme in this one when you think about it

A man is a monkey with one in his face With 'what' in his face!!!?

A dull story that gets more colorful This is a rather long piece of writing, some 1400 words. It's also rather wacky, but hopefully with some good messages in it, of only put in a very abstract way