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Relationships and love

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One wedding dress for sale I saw an add in the paper one day that made me think of writing this one. I've also seen adds in the paper with people trying to sell funeral plots. It makes you wonder, what happened for them to change their mind!!!?

Words that go with love O this is a lovely one!!! Send it to your lover on valentine's day

Heart broken The classical thoughts of the 'broken hearted.' Most of us have thought (or said these kind of things) once in our lives

I fell in love once Why do we use the word "fall"  when speaking about love and when referring to something that is supposed to be good?

Love pains Maybe if we describe what 'love pains' are; we also describe what 'love' is

Love, for love sake Another philosophical thing to say about 'love.' Can philosophical thought describe what is 'love'?

Loves arrows Another little thought about you know what, 'love'

Loves no sin

No time for love This one could have just as easily gone in the philosophical section, / a philosophy on 'life'

Why we live A little thought about 'life' again

The languages of love Here's one to send to your lover if you really really love them

The sun’s shinning though A nice and sweet gentle poem

Parent / child relationship The relationship between parent and child or visa versa, could be one of the worlds most difficult kind of relationships to manage

Second child hood A thought about old age, / youth and our parental relationships

Small is beautiful What is it with women and shinny rocks that cost heaps of money!!!?

The wishy washy couple Newly formed couples are always telling each other, "I love you," Is this because they think their partner has forgotten they told them "they love them" ten minutes ago?

The silent treatment This one definitely does belong in the "love and relationships" category

Like crystal bells Is there a way of telling that you have 'fallen in love?'

Love is like A poem about 'love.' Alas ... love is like many things

Relationship assertiveness Assertiveness is a normal part of all relationships. It is also a part of a 'difficult relationships'

She’s not there Sometimes, not being able to get in contact with someone is their way of letting you know, "it's all over"

Tell me you love me again Lovers do say some funny things to each other!!!

The brunt of every ones jokes People should laugh with you, not at you. Some people just seem to be the brunt of everyone's jokes

The real mystery goes unsolved Speaking about the 'female race,' at least from the perspective of some males. No doubt there should be another verse to speak from the females perspective about the male

A house wife I am, / not In this one we have a classic description of a house wife from a certain perspective. People do actually claim to be the kind of house wife described in this poem. I think I'm just repeating the kind of claims I have heard people make. This site is a very good overview, even history of that person we called the "house wife." 

Companionship A little ditty about 'companionship'

Inner beauty, inner image Any one who is 'in love,' will be able to identify with this one

Sex is a beautiful thing Well that's the theory anyway!!!

Listen to me We all tend to repeat our social behaviors in life

Miserable and married I hope you don't think I'm talking about you in this one! I love it when the title of a poem just seems to roll of the tongue as in "miserable and married." Here's a news paper article about unhappy marriages and poor health.

In my fathers image To the 'fathers' out there I might be saying, "ease up on your children." To the children out there I might be saying, "don't take your parents view of yourself too seriously"

I did not say it would be easy I'm probably talking about marriage here

The fallacy of marriage

Grown ups

I didn’t say “I love you”

If I could be romantic, I would

The soapy cycle To all those soapy fans out there, is this the way it goes!!!? Did I get it right?