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List of poems and thoughts on unemployment / employment

Note: Not that interesting for Children.

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The great jobs shuffle To solve 'unemployment' we need more jobs, not more job network officers

The right to strike Do we have the right to strike?

My boss, I love him so Some people love their boss for a very special reason

Slaves Quite likely this is a radical statement in the eyes of many

The choices we make We make all of our choices for a reason

The days are all the same It's a strange world I say, some people are working flat out and are considered by society as "so important." Whilst some don't work much at all, - at least in the conventional sense of the word "work" and are bored out of their skulls and are deemed by society as so 'unimportant.' There's really little moderation in the world when it comes to 'employment.' This site should give a lot of information regarding the issues retirment.

Today I’m gonna do nothing Doing nothing, what's wrong with that!?

Never bite the hand that feeds you In these times that we live in, - with the advent of the demise of unions, - here's a relevant thought about the power of employers and the powerlessness of the worker. Here's the site of "The Australian Council of Trade Unions" the ACTU

The boss’s philosophy It is of increasingly concerning to me that unemployment necessarily creates an imbalance in power between worker and boss in the favor of the boss. Furthermore, with the true figures of unemployment fudged by government to be lower than what it really is, this only serves to hide the reality of the situation from the people and therefore add to the problem, tending to exasperate the 'power imbalance.' We could say; "Join the union before there isn't one."

The labor cost market Some thoughts about the dynamics that set labor cost, including the 'minimal' labor cost

Work is of two kinds 

My ‘simple-’ton resume