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List of Culture

Cultures to culture Speaking about the break down of cultures in the modern era

The poor rich The battle between the rich and the poor works both ways

Got this 'thing' Materialism

The cry of consumerism 'Materialism' in a the political context. Try this site that analysis consumerism

Bringing home the bacon Being a bit harsh on the male species aren't' I!!!?

Copyright A thought on copyrights it in this modern era

Good reason to lie Is there a good reason to lie?

Familiar story Matters of love and marriage looked at from a cultural point of view

More or less poverty What is the culture of poverty? A group that is supposedly trying to deal with money and matters of love at the same time,,menuPK:336998~pagePK:149018~piPK:149093~theSitePK:336992,00.html

The drug dealer The culture of the 'drug world'

The stage is set In India they have the "cast system" which prevents people from becoming whatever they want. In the western world we have a thing about 'having money.' Those without it - and those with it - are 'treated differently '

Money rules Money's such a powerful force in the world today, perhaps too powerful

My people This one is inspired by hearing a speech by an aboriginal activist, I noticed just how many times he said, "my people" A very big site that deals with aboriginal issues

The weaker sex It seems that we have an unhealthy need to nominate a, "weaker sex?"

My neighbors business  Who said we always had to be kind to our neighbor!?

A marriage not worth itís salt A comment about 'broken down marriages.' Lots of thoughts about marriage in this site.

The perfect man Who and what is 'the perfect man'!?

Gross national wealth Supposedly, the liberal and labor government of Australia is divided between it's emphasis on whether the 'economy' or 'people's welfare or social life' is more important There is the phase, "the gross national happiness." I think my poem is really about this. So here's a site that has lots to say about people's 'happiness' in society

As good as life can get The culture of family, it is a powerful thing

The Jerry Springer show made safe  O gees ...! I just didn't know where to put this one! I thought it might be a kind of 'cultural' phenomenon that people actually watch this show. And this time I'm not giving you the web site! I wouldn't want to promote such a stupid show!

The man who opens doors They say it's not what you know, "it's who you know"

News desensitization Making an observation in this one as to how we react to the news. In one sense how we react to the new is also a part or our culture

TV. Domination How do we learn culture? Here's one view

TV. land The television - oddly enough - is a part of today's culture. So what's in control of the television culture?

As smart as a cave man  We do pride ourselves - in the 21 century - as to how smart we are. But are we really?

The sixties 'The sixties;' perhaps if you were really there in the sixties your not really here in the year 2000

Bass Cello In the culture of television we receive all sorts of messages that are often subconsciously received

She of Ďdeliberationí I wonder to myself if this one could be a little sexist. But then I say to myself, "no this is what I see at times. It is but one image in life and of a type of person"

The American dream We often hear of the phase, "but what is it"!?

American criticism Another thought on America, or should I say; our culture / our thinking about America

Boat People Part of the culture of countries these day is in how the people feel about letting other people (immigrants and refugees) into our country Some views on boat people

Look at me, look at me We do tend to spend our lives looking at other people and taking cues on how to live from this

You canít hide A culture has grow up around the 'computer'

I want to speak with the manager Have you ever felt this way?