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Literature and the arts

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The word ‘love’ In the study of poetry the word "love" is held in as high as esteem as the equation; "E = m c squared" in physics

The writers motivation Another one about the emotion of 'love' and 'writing'

O lord it’s hard to be humble Written as a parody of the song, "O lord it's hard to be humble" by Mac Davis. Here is the web site with the original words's%20Hard%20To%20Be%20Humble%20Lyrics.html

Yes you can read my poems A long poem discussing various motivations to why someone would write

Symbolic as well as literal Art is not merely the realm of the 'make believe'

The artist and the observer A longish poem speaking about 'art' / 'the artist' / and 'the observer' and their interaction together

Journalist A little dig at the journalist, well why not, they deserve it as much as anyone else!

The luxury of writing There are some advantages and some disadvantages about communicating yourself in writing. A small thought about writing

I’m a crazy poet A comical description of 'the poet'

The book writes itself In this poem I speak of a certain 'manic speed' in which some writers write. Indeed, other artist also speak of a surge of inspiration that occurs in their craft. Some of the world most famous songs are reported to have been written in a mere 5 minutes

The words of the poet The work of the poet can be quite influential in the world, especially in today's world when those words are set to music

The creativity of writing Why do people write?

The failing poet For a writer, when you can't think of anything to liken 'life' to, well your in serious trouble!!!

Poetry is What is poetry?

Not a poetic bone in me

All my babies What do artist's feel about their creations?

Command of the English language Some thought and ideas of constructing grammar lessons

‘In’ language What happens when two types of people who speak a, technical and specialized languages come together?

The poet’s plea

Advice to a poet

Their greatest works

Every body’s writing a book these days

The politically correct poem Being very critical of some poems and perhaps you could also think of some books that don't seem to have inspiration. I think that at the heart of all good writing is 'passion.' Passion that is well thought out and passion that is held sincerely