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An observation

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Car alarms A lot of people have car and house alarms these days, but I've noticed that people don't seem to respond to them, so what is there use!?

The pessimistic weather reports Have you seen the weather reporters report like this!?

Bird noises "There were birds in the sky, but I never heard them singing, ..." Here's the words to this Beatle's song.

Elvis Two famous lines that relate to Elvis, "Thankyouverymuch" and, "Elvis has left the building." Is the thoughts in the poem a fair observation? There's even got a ring tone with, "thankyouverymuch."

Iíve forgot my code We all have no doubt lost our credit card or whatever at some time

Home made pies Shops selling home made pies is almost like an oxy moron these days

Disastrous front page images The 'fears of man' seem to be the stuff of the images in the news pagers page front

Mission impossible A list of missions that might actually be impossible

Dry faith