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Quotes on culture

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What do you say We all seem to speak our mind in different ways. Some are up front, some are shy, etc. This quote might be somewhat personal to me in the sense of myself being the poet on this site. It seems that in being a poet one almost can't avoid saying something that others will either strongly agree with or disagree with. And yet most poets I think are not in the business of 'stirring people' just for the sake of it. They are just interested in telling some kind of truth

Think this way

The marriage of man and the microwave I love my microwave!!!

Internet surfing These days we have the culture of Americans, / Australians etc, as well as the culture of the internet

Expensive habits In recent years we have discovered some expensive habits that did not actually exist ten years ago

Money worries

An unfinished revolution What revolution you may ask!!!

Good and bad people

Coming out of the closet To all the homosexuals reading this, only you can decide when or 'if' you come out of the closet. Here's a thought to why you might want to come out

Itís an aggressive world Have you ever thought or beleived this, actually I hope you haven't

Thereís more to life than work

Followers Of course I'm not one of them!!!

So much suffering Making a comment about the culture of 'the media'

O sad criminal! A thought on "what maketh a criminal"