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Quotes on politics

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Our boys in Iraq Here's a picture of John Howard, (the Australian Prime Minister) in Iraq

Sociology What is sociology? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociology

The good dictator Learn all about how to be a good dictator!!!

The political game A comment on why the status quo - and the negative things of life - do not changed

A politicianís speech Have you ever thought this about politicians?

Capitalist domination Here's an article about capitalism and the ecology http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1132/is_5_53/ai_79589465

Political slogan mania Politicians when they use 'slogans' do at times look a little strange. But they sometimes look positively right out of their depth when they try to be poetic.

The art of good politics "Politics," an art form!

The good tyrant There's such a thing as a "good" tyrant!!!?

The motto of the bureaucrat

The bureaucratís dilemma

The numbers of the beast

The truly evil Speaking about some of the worlds worst leaders

A female politician A different take on a political question regarding 'gender'

Oppression by default

Rebel without a cause

The political art Even in times of absolute destruction, Hitler still managed to convince the people that things were going well. What does this tell you about politics and the art of politics?

The presidents ways This could be talking about any president or any political leader

Whatís behind an anarchist People tend to see the anarchist as a mindless disrupter in society. Yet this is not strictly true. Many of the world greatest leaders and thinkers have been anarchist. To quote one who is normally seen as a very good person, "Jesus" was unquestionably an anarchist

Vote Greens

The true tyrant

Revolutions Revolutions occur because society has not dealt adequately with it's problems

A view on terrorism

A good question

Progress and politics

Slowly the roots take hold

Is the minister aware? Is this the kind of nonsensical conversations we hear in politics sometimes?

Oppressive governments Through 'oppressive governments,' man seems to increase his suffering

The first one to the revolution is a dead duck Revolutions are a rare thing, this might explain why

All questions to politicians are trick questions

Political replies have We all have to be weary about what politicians say, and, we all have to be especially weary about what politicians don't say

The rebellious, 'silenced'

The way the world works