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Father O'Brien and Father O'Riely

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(These are skits about two fictional Irish Catholic priest called Father O'Brien and Father O'Riely)

A child of the lord

A Daily whine

A direct line to god

A Goliath exercise

A hang over host

A holly child

A little bit of wine for every one’s sake

A little knowledge is a complicated thing

A prey for celibacy

A priest mustn’t be holly in the physical sense of the word

A secret worth keeping

Advertising the lord

An edited mass

An Un godly mediation

An unsacred fly

Any time of place for forgiveness

Beastly priestly thoughts

Blessed technology

Business as usual

Christ the Superhuman

Church secrets

Death insurance scam

Drinking on the job

False accusations

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's

God the eternal

Hell must be pretty bad

Human punishment is worse than the lords

I love you

Jesus could have been

Jesus the good citizen

Like the lord

Love the lord and only the lord

‘Mass’ the revitalizer

Money matters in the church

On duty

Priestly duties are never done, especially on Sunday’s

Pope politics

Question your faith

Silence is golden

Scare enough to turn you Christian

She the virgin

The Celtics, the Christians

The Christians dogs last rights

The church is not dead

The doubting O’Riely

The dream of the crucifixion

The good book

The Irish dilemma

The Irish priest

The last rights, father O’Riely’s last meal

The light of the world

The limbo of life

The lords work is never done

The next two thousand years

The return of Jesus, / a Beurocratic nightmare

The sexuality of a priest

The small Mercies of the lord

The winning side

Understandable distractions