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Quotes on Spirituality and religion

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Either time escapes me, or I shall it


Harry potter A thought on the idea of 'magic and Harry Potter'

Itís a hell of a bible A thought (perhaps not to be taken too seriously) on one of the worlds most influential book, 'the bible'

The "Golden Rule" Is the golden rule of life always right? Read about this terms, "The golden rule." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethic_of_reciprocity#Hinduism

Deep is man

The cycle of Karma

The psychological god To the average Buddhist, the very idea of a likening "god" to anything "psychological" may make sense

Turn the other cheek Of course this is the famous quote from Jesus

The desire of material possessions

The essential mystery

The incomplete God Speaking about the omnipotent, / the omnipresent god

The irony of life Of course there are many irony's of life. If you believe this one, this is probably the greatest

The lord provides

True exploration

Two thousand years of being rewritten

Universal morality

Whatís god got to do with itÖdo with it A parody on the song "What's love got to do with it," by Tina Turner. See the lyrics http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/tinaturner/whatslovegottodowithit.html

When the wise get depressed

Biblical sexuality

Inner relationships

The dream of all dreams

The prophet business

There are no minuses Could you believe this!?

The wisdom of the Buddha A complimentary word about the "Buddha," but more to the point, a critical word about man

The masters good and bad timing

The lapsing agnostic

The devils name

Reason without proof

Gone This is short but to the point I hope

The pearl of life, where can it be?

Eternal life

Good ghosts

A mistake of biblical proportions

Deadly serious

Demonic Possession

God so loved the world Probably not a traditional Christian view of the world

The road Iím on I'm putting forward the atheist position here

Upon time

How much do you know about God?

Judge not In this one I'm questioning the concept of "judging," even if it is done through the guise or the concept of 'god'

Just a piece of the puzzle This one is questioning; do we really have to understand everything, as in the concept of "enlightenment" to be happy?

One manís loss Its hard to know if this is really a "spiritual concept," though in saying this, it is some people's only spiritual concept

The crucifixion It is odd and even ironic that that in a moment of complete objective oppression, "Jesus" became for mankind a symbol of 'liberation' and in this also became the ultimate symbol of the 'hero figure'

The great heart

The micro moral universe Making an analogy of the 'physical world' to the 'moral fiber' of man

The reason for death Knowing that something has 'purpose' may actually be all one needs in knowing what that something is

The senses Can you know the truth through the senses?

The timing of a revelation Revelations often seems out of the blue or sudden. A comment about this

Itís inevitable

Life is suffering The idea that "life is suffering" is a prime tenant of the Buddhist faith. Here's a comment about this belief

Lifeís lending library We often refer to our lives as having "chapters in a book." Here's another extension of that "book / life" kind of analogy

Super natural beings Repeating the adage, "ask and you shall receive." Jesus Christ